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Key Chapters of the Bible

Jan 26, 2022

Today, we're looking at Exodus 4 and finishing up God's call of Moses. In this chapter, we'll see that Moses was a man so lost in discouragement, it was affecting obedience to the Lord. And yet, despite Moses' weaknesses, God will use him mightily. Join us as we continue our study through the Book of Exodus!


1. By this point, Moses is a broken man of 80 years old who has blown one of the greatest opportunities that could be had in his day. However, God had a plan for Moses and has been using this time to perform some divine heart surgery in Moses’ life. From what you already know about Moses, what has had to be transformed in his life before he could step into his role as the leader of the Jews? Are there any things in your life that need to be transformed in order for you to step into God’s next chapter for you?

2. In verse 1, Moses brings up a third concern to the Lord about this new assignment to take on Pharaoh. What was this concern? From a natural perspective was this reasonable? What does this show us about the source of Moses’ thinking at this point? How do we sometimes view a situation “naturally” (which may even have wide agreement from others who know of the situation) but where we’re still not viewing our situation from God’s perspective?

3. How did Moses’ low view of himself cloud his view of God and his trust in the Lord? Is there any area in your life, where your view of yourself is affecting your view of God? If so, how can that be brought into submission to the Lord?

4. According to the podcast, what is a true miracle? How did God demonstrate a couple of miracles to Moses? Why did God do this? How did Moses respond?

5. In verse 5, what was the reason God gave for why He was going to perform these great signs and wonders in Egypt? How has God worked in your life to show you who He is?

6. In verse 10, Moses brings up yet another concern. What is it? Who is Moses focusing on, again? How does this focus increase our own worries and corrupt both our view of God and our trust in His work in our life?

7. In verse 11 & 12, what was the Lord’s response to Moses’ concerns? What was God’s focus? How was this different than Moses? When we’re facing difficulties, how can a person develop this kind of focus?

8. After Moses finally agrees to obey the Lord and step into this new role, what does he tell Jethro his reason for going back to Egypt? Was this the real reason? What does this show us about Moses’ level of commitment (at this point) to the Lord’s mission?

9. The previous question shows us that even now, Moses was not fully the man God was calling him to be. We sometimes think we have to be perfect in order for God to use us. Instead, from the example of Moses, what kinds are things is God looking for?

10. In verses 24-26, we read about a very uncomfortable event. What happened? What did the podcast suggest about why this event even needed to take place? What does this teach us about the importance of a leader’s example?

11. In verse 31, when the people first heard of God’s message by way of Moses, how did they respond?

12. In this passage, Moses is 80 years old and he still hasn’t gotten life figured out. Is there ever a point where we can stop growing in our knowledge, understanding and obedience to the Lord? Why or why not?

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