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Key Chapters of the Bible

Jan 29, 2022

Exodus 9 is not your run of the mill "Plagues of Biblical Proportions" story. No indeed! And as we study Exodus 9 together, we'll see that it's filled with several points and insights that show us what was really going on with these plagues, why Pharaoh's repentance didn't cut it, and even some key principles about our own pursuit of the Lord. Join us! 


1. This podcast episode began with a quick overview of the Egyptian gods that were defeated by the Lord. What does the fact that the Lord dominating their supposed sphere of sovereignty demonstrate about His reality and their falsehood?

2. The podcast mentions that the “livestock” was destroyed in verse 4 and again in verse 19. What were some of the possible reasons given in the podcast as to why this is the case? How does this help us understand occasional gaps when translating ancient Hebrew into modern English?

3. What did the fact that the plagues came upon the Egyptians and not the Jews show about the power and plan of God for His people? How did this fact show that these weren’t natural phenomenon that Moses was trying to co-opt and claim to be of the Lord?

4. Sometimes we think that everyone from these days were really just ignorant people who were overrun with superstitions. How do the Egyptian’s responses show us that this is not the case? How does their response show mankind’s tendency to be disinclined to believe the Lord?

5. The podcast explains that Pharaoh’s repentance was not accepted by God because it was over the wrong things. In other words, Pharaoh may have been sorry before God, and even feared the Lord, but Pharaoh was not seeking to repent and enter into a covenant with the Lord to obey Him from now on. How do people still offer this kind of repentance today?

6. How do we see God’s mercy in these plagues? How do we see His mercy in warning Pharaoh ahead of time? How did Pharaoh disregard the mercies of God? How do people do this in our day today?

7. The podcast explained the paradox of the Lord hardening Pharaoh’s heart whereas other times Pharaoh hardened his own heart. The podcast explained that the Hebrew word means “made strong.” How did Pharoah harden his own heart and how did the Lord strengthen him in that inclination?

8. The podcast also pointed out that we are heavily influenced by the people we allow into our lives. Who was influencing Pharaoh to disobey the Lord? What impact did this influence have on Pharaoh and the nation? Who should Pharaoh have been listening to?

9. The podcast ended by encouraging us to examine our own heart. When it comes to the things of the Lord, are you hardened to Him or softened? How might you submit to Him that He might soften you to obey His Word and His ways?

The Key Chapters Bible Podcast is a daily, 15ish minute podcast that goes over the key chapters of the Bible, one per day, explaining how it fits into the overall message of God and how it relates to our lives now. Jump in today or start back in Genesis 1!

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