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Key Chapters of the Bible

Jan 31, 2022

So, we're deep into the plagues and we're seeing God's work to deliver His people. And while Exodus 10 & 11 are both key chapters, and their exciting in their content, they're short enough to combine into one study. So, today we'll cover both chapters and see God's power in delivering His people. Join us!


1. In Exodus 10:2, what Moses was supposed to do with the record of the event of the Exodus? What reason does the Lord give Moses for doing this? How do Jewish people still carry this out today?

2. As we consider the events leading up to the Exodus, how has God demonstrated His authority over all nations?

3. What can we learn of the Lord’s attitude towards the importance of women’s worship in Exodus 10:9-11?

4. Why was Pharaoh’s repentance in verse 16-17 a false repentance? What would true repentance have looked like? How do people often give similar surface-remorse but not true repentance?

5. Why do you think verse 21 describes the plague of darkness as something that could be “felt”?

6. The plague of darkness zeroed in on Pharaoh who was supposedly the son of the sun; or more specifically he was supposed to be the son of Ra, who was supposed to be the god of the sun. What impact would this have on the people’s view of Pharaoh if even he could not get the sun to shine?

7. What window do we see into the workings of God, that He would specifically address the strongholds that are keeping people in bondage? Are there areas that the Lord has addressed in your life that He is calling you to bring under His authority?

8. What explanation did the podcast give as to why Exodus 11:8 is not a contradiction with Exodus 10:29?

9. Exodus 11:4 says that Moses’ reputation was increasing among the people. How did God use Moses’ faithfulness in the midst of suffering to increase Moses’ impact on the people of God? How does He do this in our lives today? In your own life, how has your faithfulness in suffering deepened your impact on those around you?

10. In the wrap-up portion of the podcast, it points out that although the Egyptians were worshipping their gods, this worship was not valid. How does this help us answer a common opinion that God will honor sincere worship, even if it’s not directed towards Him?

11. The podcast also mentions that all these plagues show us the lengths that God has gone through to establish His people. As New Covenant believers, what lengths has He gone through to establish His New Covenant community?

12. As we reflect on the plagues, what kind of mental gymnastics do you think Pharaoh and his servants went through, to dismiss what they were seeing? 13. What would it have been like, to be an Israelite, and witnessing all of this? How does God’s reliability impact the way we believe God’s promises and how we live in light of them?

14. Why do we sometimes struggle to believe God, even when He’s proven Himself so trustworthy? How can we respond faithfully to God and His revelation?


The Key Chapters Bible Podcast is a daily, 15ish minute podcast that goes over the key chapters of the Bible, one per day, explaining how it fits into the overall message of God and how it relates to our lives now. Jump in today or start back in Genesis 1!

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