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Key Chapters of the Bible

Feb 24, 2024

Whenever there is an authority structure, there is going to be friction among the people involved. Today we’re studying Numbers 16 which records one of the most infamous insurrections in scripture. This passage shows us the heart of the people against God’s appointed leaders; and it shows how the Lord handled their complaints. Join us for another sobering study of God’s Word! 


Numbers 16 1.    Verse 1 says that Korah was a “son of Levi” (as in a descendant of Levi). How might Korah’s heritage have influenced his view of himself and his worthiness to represent the people to the Lord and the Lord to the people? 
2.    In verse 2, how did Korah mount this rebellion against Moses and Aaron? How many men were part of this rebellion? What was their reputation like? What can we surmise about this rebellion, based upon who these men were?
3.    What the three complaints were recorded in verse 3, that Korah and these other people presented to Moses? How might people make similar accusations against church leaders today?
4.    In verse 3, the people essentially accused Moses of pride. What did Moses do in verse 4? Was that an indication of pride? If not, what? How was this different than Korah and his crowd?
5.    What was Moses’ suggestion about how to determine who had been chosen by God? 
6.    Why was Moses surprised, in verse 9, that Korah and his crowd wanted even more prestige and influence among the people? 
7.    What happened to Korah and his fellow rebels in verse 31? Why do you think the Lord’s judgment was so severe? If God had allowed this rebellion to continue, what do you think might have happened to the theological health of Israel?
8.    In verse 41 and following, how did the congregation of people react? What did their reaction reveal about their view of Korah / Moses / the Lord? How did the Lord react to them?
9.    How did Moses respond, on behalf of the people, in verses 48-50? Why?
10.    What principle from 1 Corinthians 10:10-11 helps us understand the danger of grumbling? How should we celebrate the role the Lord has given us among His people?
11.    The podcast mentioned that the Lord gave qualifications for leadership in 1st Timothy 3 and Titus 1. How do these qualifications help other elders ascertain if someone is truly called to be an elder? What should someone do if they want to be an elder but their own elders indicate they’re not ready or not qualified? 

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