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Key Chapters of the Bible

Feb 25, 2024

We often talk about the 10 Commandments, but did you know they were actually given twice to the Children of Israel? Not only that, but the context of this retelling of the 10 Commandments in Deuteronomy 5 clarifies what these commands meant and how the people were to learn them and live by them. Join us! 


1.    What does the name “Deuteronomy” mean? Who was this Second Law given to? Why did they need this law a second time? 
2.    In terms of an overview of Deuteronomy 5, what is this passage about? What other Old Testament passage is similar to this one?
3.    What did the podcast say about the word “hear” means in verse 1? What was God calling the people to do? Can we be obedient to this instruction if we barely read the Bible and barely understand it?
4.    In verses 2 &3, what basis is given for these 10 Commandments? Where did their parents already covenant with the Lord? How did this next generation’s obedience reflect their agreement to be in covenant with God?
5.    What were God’s 10 Commandments that are given in verses 7 to 21? How does the slight wording difference between Deuteronomy 5 and Exodus 20 help clarify what these commands mean?
6.    How does verse 31 speak to the role of the priests back then? How might this be reflected in Paul instruction to Timothy in 2nd Timothy 4:2? Why was this necessary? What would happen to the people if these passages were not followed by the leadership?
7.    What does verse 32 mean by “turning aside”? What would this have looked like in their day? What does it look like in ours?
8.    What is God’s challenge for His people in verse 33? What goes into walking in the way of the Lord? 
Are there any areas of your own life where you’re not faithfully walking with the Lord? What should be done about them?

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