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Key Chapters of the Bible

Feb 26, 2024

One of the most important duties of all parents is to teach the Word of God to their children. Today, we’re looking at a powerful passage that calls us to always be about the work of teaching God’s Word to those around us. Join us for another important study in the Key Chapters of God’s Word!


1.    Read over Deuteronomy 6:1-3, why is there such earnestness in these words? What attitude are Moses and the Lord exhorting God’s people to have towards His Word? How much do these words match your devotion to God’s Word?
2.    Why is this passage called the “Shema”? What does the word “Shema” even mean?
3.    The podcast mentioned that the last letter of the last word of Deuteronomy 6:4 is larger than normal. This is called a majuscule. What did it signify?
4.    What did the podcast say that ancient rabbis called this passage? How often is this passage recited by an observant Jew? Why?
5.    According to verse 5, what should our heart-attitude be towards the Lord? How does this verse demonstrate the interconnection of a heart, soul and strength? What were some ways suggested by the podcast for how we can develop this kind of love for the Lord?
6.    The podcast suggested that the phrase “upon your heart” in verse 6 was indicating that God’s people ought to memorize His Word. Do you have a program for scripture memorization? If not, there are many phone apps that are great tools for verse memory.
7.    The NIV translation of verse 7 calls us to “impress” God’s Word upon our children. The Hebrew word denotes patient labor and time. Why is it the parent’s responsibility to teach God’s Word to our children? How can our instruction help prepare them for the barrage of messages from the world?
8.    In verse 7, what do the phrases “sit”, “walk”, “lie down” and “rise up” indicate about the places where parents are to teach God’s Word to their children? What do they indicate about the frequency? If you have children, what are some practical ways that you can faithfully obey this passage? 
9.    How do observant Jews literally follow the instructions of verses 8 & 9? Why did the podcast suggest that this should be taken more metaphorically? What are some ways that Christians might follow the spirit of this verse?
10.    This passage teaches that parents have a special role in the spiritual instruction and guidance of their children. Why do parents have this special role? According to Deuteronomy 6, what is their responsibility in these matters? How will God help them as they seek to obey Him in these pursuits? 

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