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Key Chapters of the Bible

Apr 28, 2022

When someone drifts away from the Lord, can they be restored? Yes! Today in our study in 2nd Chronicles 15, we’ll see how King Asa led a reform that brought the people back to reconsecrate themselves to the Lord; which brought revival throughout the land. Join us!


1. What was the Lord’s assessment of King Asa from 2 Chronicles 14:2? How did this impact his trust in the Lord in 2 Chronicles 14:11? Why does righteousness often equate to courage? Is there a place in your life where the Lord is calling you to act with righteous courage?

2. What does Azariah say in verses 3-6 about how the Lord used the people’s “distress” to lead to them to Him? What did their difficulty look like? Has the Lord ever allowed you to go through a difficult situation so that in that, you’d return to Him? If so, when?

3. What was Azariah’s words for Asa in verse 7? How do we see him living courageously in verse 8?

4. What was the response of the people in verse 9? Why are the Tribes of Ephraim, Manasseh and Simeon significant here? Why do godly people seek leaders who obey God? What kind of person do you want to unite with? What kind of people want to unite with you?

5. In verses 11-12, what was the people's oath and covenant with the Lord? What do you think this would have looked like in the average person’s day-to-day life?

6. In verse 13, their zeal also included capital punishment for those who did not seek the Lord. How does the fact that Israel was a theocracy help us understand such a policy? If a person was totally surrendered to the Lord in the New Covenant, how would this look differently?

7. What was the response of the people in verse 15? What was the Lord’s response in this same verse? Why?

8. The podcast mentions that there was a shadow in Asa’s life that begins in verse 17 but also carries into 2 Chronicles 16. What did Asa do? Why was that out of character for him? How did the Lord respond then? How was that a fulfillment of God’s warnings back in verse 2?

9. Looking back over this chapter, it has much to say about the heart condition of various people. What do the following verses say about these people's heart:

a. Verse 7:

b. Verse 8:

c. Verse 12:

d. Verse 15:

e. Verse 17:

10. How do these conditions of their heart drive the Lord’s faithfulness in verse 15? Which of these heart conditions are true of you?


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