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Key Chapters of the Bible

May 20, 2022

How has our Lord revealed His message in our world? Through nature and His Word! Join us as we look at Psalm 19 and begin to scratch the surface of all the ways that God has revealed His message to us!


1. The podcast mentioned two terms that theologians use to describe “revelation”. What is “General Revelation”? How do we see it described in Psalm 19?

2. According to verse 1, what do the heavens “tell” and “declare”? In your opinion, what are some ways that they do this?

3. According to verse 2, what pours forth every day and night? What are some ways that we see this reality lived out in our world?

4. Verses 3 & 4 teach about the speech going out into the world. What is this speech? What are some place where we find information from God in nature?

5. Why is the daily path of the Sun so amazing? What would happen if we were just a few thousand miles closer or further from the sun? What does this show us about God’s love for our planet?

6. The podcast explained that verses 7-14 speak about what theologians call “Special Revelation”. What is Special Revelation? How is it different from General Revelation?

7. What are some of the benefits of God’s Word in verses 7 & 8? What are some ways that a person might experience God’s Word in this way? If they are not experiencing these promises from God’s Word, what would you advise them to do?

8. In verse 10, how does David cherish God’s Word? What do you think led him to have this view? How does this reflect your own view of God’s Word?

9. Why does David end this psalm talking about his errors and faults? How does God make these realities clearer in our lives? What are we to do when God shows us a place in our life that is out of conformity to His Word?

10. How does God’s Word purity our words and thoughts? Is there any place in your own life that needs further transformation to be pleasing to God?

The Key Chapters Bible Podcast is a daily, 15ish minute podcast that goes over the key chapters of the Bible, one per day, explaining how it fits into the overall message of God and how it relates to our lives now. Jump in today or start back in Genesis 1!

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