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Key Chapters of the Bible

Jun 30, 2022

As we continue working through the book of Isaiah, today we look at Isaiah 29 which addressed the hard-hearted, prideful worship of the Southern Kingdom. We'll talk about what it looks like and ways to deal with our own tendency to trend towards false worship in our own life. Join us!


1. According to the podcast, what does the name “Ariel” in verse 1 signify? Who is the Lord addressing with this term? Why?

2. In verse 2, the Lord says that He will bring distress upon “Ariel”. What does this distress look like in verse 3? What will be the result in verse 4?

3. According to the podcast, what does the term “dust” in verse 5 speak to? Why would it be a problem to have their enemy become “like fine dust”?

4. Who will bring this punishment upon them in verse 6? What does this indicate about how His unseen hand works in the dealings of mankind?

5. What kind of wrong responses of the people are given in verses 9 to 11? Why are they struggling to respond rightly to the Lord’s discipline?

6. Verse 13 starts to unpack the basis of their sins against the Lord. How are the people sinning? In light of their broken covenant with God, why do these sins merit such judgment?

7. Think back to our studies in God’s Word so far. Where have you seen false worship in the scriptures? What was God’s response? How does this motivate us to be sure that we’re worshiping the Lord in our spirit according to His truth?

8. What will the Lord bring to an end in verse 14? Why?

9. How do verses 15 & 16 characterize their understanding of God? How might people still fall into these same sins today?

10. What is the change in tone & message in verse 17? Who are these words of encouragement for?

11. According to verses 22-24, what does God promise to His people? Who will be the one who experiences these promises? How does this tie into the Lord Jesus Christ and His Second Coming?

The Key Chapters Bible Podcast is a daily, 15ish minute podcast that goes over the key chapters of the Bible, one per day, explaining how it fits into the overall message of God and how it relates to our lives now. Jump in today or start back in Genesis 1!

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